Looking to install artificial grass? Then choose Wonderlawn

Wonderlawn™ is no ordinary artificial grass.

Fake grass, Artificial lawn, these are a few of the many names you've probably heard artificial grass called? the fact is this industry has moved on drastically over the past decade and the products now available now have many benefits to the customer and the environment.

Conventional "Monofilament" synthetic grass products are designed, quite simply, to be colourfast and robust, in other words, green and plastic. Wonderlawn™ is different. It uses cutting edge technology to produce fibre's that are "shaped" to prevent flattening, yet soft and colourful enough to look and feel real. When this is combined with the patented Organic infill, it provides the only artificial grass that;

  1. Wonderlawn™ looks and feels real
  2. Continues to recover after use
  3. Is lead free and totally non-toxic
  4. Provides Increased safety properties
  5. It is 100% recyclable due to it having a non latex backing

Through our expanding UK network of licensed operators, our artificial grass installation process follows very specific methods and includes very specific materials, so whether your in Inverness, Penzance or anywhere in between you're guaranteed the same, perfect, high quality result.

Don't just buy artificial grass ...install Wonderlawn™

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